Lost and depressed, with a flailing acting career, I went down the rabbit hole of Law of Attraction for decades, trying to figure out how to manifest my way out of the shitty life and relationships I had created. But nothing seemed to really work.

I then discovered Neville Goddard and realised I'd instinctively been consciously manifesting before The Secret confused the hell out of me. Now I love helping people to do it.

With a bachelor's degree and reluctant teaching career, I am qualified in nothing but fucking up my life and delving into every self help/manifestation teaching I could find to un-fuck it. Plus various psycho-therapies to attempt to fix my depression, anxiety and body dysmorphia, which have all but vanished with what's contained in my daily video content, live coaching and course materials.

I grew up in Perth, Australia, then lived in Sydney and London before settling back in my old home town where I started a Tiktok randomly and ‘Subconscious Loz’ was born. Over a year later after coaching 1000’s of people live each week, building a loyal Facebook community and budding Youtube it has become the unexpected but beautiful new trajectory of my life. And I love every minute of helping as many people as I can to change their lives just like I changed mine. 

I aspire to convey what I've learned from Law of Assumption teachers, therapy and my own life experience in a clear way so you too can create the life and love you want and share the same success as so many of my loyal followers. 

Much Love, 

❤️ Loz

Lauren ‘Loz’ Steenholdt

P.S. I swear a lot. So you’ve been warned…And if I start yelling, I’m just trying to shake some fucking sense into you. (I do it with love.)